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We hope you and yours are safe from this pandemic. As your trusted It reseller, your safety is our number one priority, this is why we put together a list of products to help you stay safe in your workplace and on the go. You can find masks that you need to stay safe on the go, information on how to properly wear them and things you would need in order to create a safe working environment for your employees.

As always, we are here to help you with anything you need. Stay Safe!

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I want to Stay Safe in the office
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Stay safe on the Go

Protect your employees with Redcorp’s exclusive masks.

We stock 2 models of masks (3Ply and FFP2/KN95) and are available in our warehouse for immediate dispatch.

3-layer protection
3 ply masks
Facial Mask 3Ply Type II - Box of 50

€ 17 / box of 50

€ 0.35 / piece

4-layer protection
KN95 Masks
Facial Mask FFP2 KN95 - Pack Of 10

€ 15 / pack of 10

€ 1.5 / piece

How to wear a surgical mask

Washable Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard and mouse are primary touch points in any workstation, and it can’t be fully disinfected because they are not washable.

This is why you should get a Seal Shield Keyboard and mouse that is 100% waterproof with Antimicrobial Product protection. You can easily wash these devices and disinfect them.

Medical Grade Mouse

€ 69

Medical Grade Keyboard

€ 103

Keep your workspace safe with Newstar

With NS-PLXPROTECT you can create yourself a secure workspace. It can be easily attached to the existing desk mount, moving with the flat screen and the height-adjustable desk.

The screen, unlike alternative solutions, does not take up extra space on the desk. In addition, the screen can be used as a memo board for your to-do lists, using a whiteboard marker. The NS-PLXPROTECT products are very user-friendly, easy to install and easily cleaned. The PLXPROTECT is made of transparent acrylic that is 100% recyclable.

Transparent Screen For 2 Flat Screens

€ 93

Transparent Screen For 1 Flat Screen

€ 75

Contactless Thermometers

Use Biolife contactless thermometers to ensure that everyone in your workplace is healthy.

With 0.1°C & Accuracy at 0.2 °C To deliver reliable results and ensure excellent performance, with the updated high-accuracy sensor probe and the latest smart chip. It is faster, more reliable, and safer.

Biolife Infrared
Thermometer - Lcd

€ 38

Cleaning products

Keep your workspace cleaned with our selected cleaning products. You can find individually packed wipes, spray cleaners and wet cleaning clothes to keep you safe.

AF cleaning

from € 7.49

ASTAR cleaning

from € 7.98

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