Novel applications of remote patient management
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Novel applications of remote patient management to improve outcomes in peritoneal dialysis

Novel applications of remote patient management to improve outcomes in peritoneal dialysis. Use of remote patient management (RPM) and digital health by patients, clinicians and healthcare systems is rapidly expanding driven by ubiquitous global availability, increasing individual dependence on technology for personal health information, the desire to expand healthcare access to remote and disenfranchised patients, and the need to improve health-economic outcomes. Simultaneously, global interest in home dialysis therapies is surging given clinical data, quality of life expectations and reduced health economic resource utilisation.

Our distinguished faculty will share their experience with RPM-embedded peritoneal dialysis (PD) cyclers to provide attendees with an understanding of the significant impact that this emerging technology can have on clinical outcomes..


  • Introductions and welcome
  • Identification of catheter dysfunction using automated peritoneal dialysis cycler-embedded remote patient management
    Valérie Jotterand Drepper, Switzerland
  • Potential role of remote patient management in the early detection of peritonitis
    Ramón Paniagua, Mexico
  • Clinic efficiencies afforded using remote patient management in the peritoneal dialysis unit
    Carlo Crepaldi, Italy
  • Panel discussion and Q&A
  • Summary and close
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Scientific Chair
James Heaf, Denmark

Valérie Jotterand Drepper
Ramón Paniagua

Carlo Crepaldi

Saturday 26 May 2018, 13:30–14:30 CET

Live Streaming Event Webinar hosted at the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark

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