Expanded haemodialysis: A step closer to natural kidneys
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Expanded haemodialysis: A step closer to natural kidneys

Recent technological advances in dialysis have not been translated into significant improvement in clinical outcomes. Patients on dialysis still exhibit uraemic symptoms, as well as systemic manifestations. Accumulation of larger uraemic toxins may contribute significantly to poor clinical outcomes in haemodialysis patients. Our distinguished faculty will provide delegates with a state-of-the-art update on the toxicity of uraemic solutes, with a focus on large middle molecules. Delegates will also be updated on emerging data linking uraemic inflammation to clinical events, as well as to uraemic solutes. Finally, delegates will be introduced to the concept of expanded haemodialysis (HDx), a new therapy option enabled by recent innovation in membrane design.


  • Introductions and welcome
  • Middle molecules: State of the art
    Ziad Massy, France
  • Inflammation, heart disease and large middle molecules: What is the evidence?
    Peter Stenvinkel, Sweden
  • Expanded haemodialysis: Translating innovation into clinical solutions
    Claudio Ronco, Italy
  • Panel discussion and Q&A
  • Summary and close
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Scientific Chair
Claudio Ronco, Italy

Ziad Massy, France
Peter Stenvinkel, Sweden
Claudio Ronco, Itlay

Friday 25 May 2018, 13:30–14:30 CET

Live Streaming Event Webinar hosted at the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark

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